Saturday, 27 April 2013

Group 4 - Turkish delight
 During our first day we explored the area and spent some time in the city choosing the right place for our objects.
 Second day was spent at the amazing studio discussing and bringing together all our thoughts and ideas.
 Next day we already prepared some materials to start producing laser-cut models and see how they work.
Last day we produced our final  CNC model which was continued by an amazing exhibition in a container space.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

This Vertical Studio will be a collaborative project between the students of Cardiff University (Welsh School of Architecture) and Istanbul Bilgi University. In the first week, this vertical studio will run a workshop in Istanbul Bilgi Univeristy as a part of Vernal Workshops. This will provide an opportunity to share an architectural and cultural background through the lens of this dynamic and vibrant city. The workshop will focus on students making an architectural artifact/intervention in Istanbul,while creating the opportunity to collaborate with students from the two different cities.

The workshop will begin with students exploring certain traditional crafts and the Galata and Sishane districts in Istanbul. Sishane is a small and dense district consisting of artisan workshops specialized in light making: a traditional craft of the area dating back for one hundred years.

Taking inspiration from the field trip the students will be asked to propose an architectural intervention by synthesizing old methods of craftsmanship with new fabrication techniques . This work will explore the hidden and exploit the existing to create moments and expose familiarities within the city. Each group will design and fabricate their proposals to 1:1scale. This will be a hands-on workshop introducing the participants into a fast process of designing and making, with a particular focus on bringing together traditional techniques and digital fabrication. Each design proposal will have a strong sense of context, if not a specific site. The outcome can range from architectural intervention or instruments to artifacts and interior features. The final work will be exhibited at the closure of the Vernal Workshops.

1. Physical object / intervention(1:1) Scale to be produced using a variety of techniques, textures and materials expressing their visit to Istanbul, its culture and its craftsmanship technique through a shared architectural perspective between students of both schools. The production will be combination of traditional method and contemporary technologies.
2. Manual of the intervention / object.